Hi, my name is Adam Oakman and I am a film music composer, orchestrator and sound engineer. My fascinating adventure with music started when I was a child in my home town in a house full of music of different genres from widely understood folk to electronic instrumental music. "Oakman" is a nickname which is closely related to my real Polish name.

Since I have always been focused on how the different parts of a piece are merged together I am mostly concentrated on mixing process so the different sections of full orchestra sound in the best way they can. As a film score composer I get inspiration from the most prominent present-day masters of atmosphere including John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Jeremy Soule and many more.

Curious of my works? Don't hesitate to listen to some of my pieces using the player on the right. If you have any remarks, offers or comments feel free to contact me directly or via social services.

Best regards,

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